• Jamie Lewis for State Rep District 72

Jamie Lewis for State Rep

Jamie Lewis has lived in the 72nd district for more than 20 years. His two children graduated from East Kentwood High School. Jamie has been awarded the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s Defender of Liberty award and the Knights of Columbus’ Knight of the Year award. He holds a Michigan Libertarian Record for the most votes in a countywide race when running against both a Democrat and Republican candidate. You may know him from when he was cubmaster at Southwood Elementary, Vice President of the Pinewood Middle School PTO, or when he was Vice President of the Kentwood Public Schools Parent Advisory Organization.

But Jamie’s campaign is not about him, it is about you. He wants You to be in charge of the choices in Your life. All of his votes as a state representative will be to give you the power and freedom to make choices for yourself instead of having to live by decisions made for you.



More than any other issue, roads are the top priority for Michigan voters. we pay $0.446 more per gallon for gas in taxes, not even counting the sales tax on top of that. Add to this the money we pay in annual registration fees, voters ask themselves why are our roads in the condition they are. Making sure that every dollar dedicated to roads actually goes to road repair will be a top priority for me as your representative. In addition, I want to end needless programs such as all of the state’s corporate welfare programs which can be diverted to making sure our roads are in top shape.

Auto Insurance

Michigan has the highest rates in the country! No-fault laws should be repealed because they deprive the victim of the right to recover damages from those responsible for causing harm. They forbid you from trying to set your own risk. Ask yourself, are the drivers of Michigan really $2000/yr. better off than the drivers of North Carolina? It’s time to repeal No-Fault laws and as your representative, I will work to do just that!

Tax Reduction

Everything we do in life has a tax associated with it. We need to reduce the amount of activity that is taxed and offset with reductions in spending. Michigan’s personal income tax increase 10 years ago was promised to be a “temporary increase”, I want to see to it the state keeps that promise.

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