• Jamie Lewis for Congress

Jamie Lewis for Congress

Jamie Lewis has lived in Kent County for more than 30 years. His two children graduated from East Kentwood High School. Jamie has been awarded the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s Defender of Liberty award and the Knights of Columbus’ Knight of the Year award. He holds a Michigan Libertarian Record for the most votes in a countywide race when running against both a Democrat and Republican candidate. You may know him from when he was cubmaster at Southwood Elementary, Vice President of the Pinewood Middle School PTO, or when he was Vice President of the Kentwood Public Schools Parent Advisory Organization.

But Jamie’s campaign is not about him, it is about you. He wants You to be in charge of the choices in Your life. All of his decisions in Congress will be to give you the power and freedom to make choices for yourself instead of having to live by decisions made for you.


Rank Choice Voting

People often wonder how things have gotten so bad in politics today. It can in part be attributed to decades of voting for “the lesser evil”. I have heard several times “I don’t like (X), but if I don’t vote for (X) that terrible (Y) will win.

Rank Choice Voting does away with the idea of voting “against” anyone and frees you up to vote for candidates you like. You can put candidates in the order of how much you support them without worrying that you are somehow “helping” a candidate you don’t like.

Rank Choice voting is being used all over the country, including Ferndale, MI. I want to bring Rank Choice Voting in Kent County.

No Reason Absentee Voting

Even before the COVID outbreak, I was a big supporter of No Reason Absentee Voting. Voting is too important to confine to a few hours on one day. I want to always put you in control. I support efforts to make voting less difficult for all voters. You should be able to vote on your own schedule. No more standing in line for hours. We need to replace Election Day with Election Time and make the “first Tuesday after the first Monday of November” be Results Day.

End Taxpayer Funding of Political Parties

The Libertarian Party of Michigan selected all of their candidates at ZERO cost to the Michigan taxpayers, While the State will be paying millions for two private organizations to select their candidates and organization officers. Let the parties pay their own way and put that money to better use!

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