Quit The Game

Politicians tell us every election that this is the most important election. Vote for us NOW or there will be a catastrophe. I’m sad to report that fateful day has passed. The catastrophe has happened. We, the People have lost control. The House of Representatives no longer represents us. 

In their quest for dominance and controlling outcomes, the Democrats and Republicans have consolidated all power at the top. All law making authority now resides in the hands of the Speaker of the House (Majority party leader) and Minority Party Leader. They make all the decisions, dictate all the outcomes. The House of Representatives only represents the Democratic and Republican parties as organizations. Not Us.

Who you vote for for the US House has become the least important ballot choice. Individual members have no power. They can not make any choices on their own. They are just pawns in a game played by party leaders who don’t care about our district or any individual district. Any member that dares stray from the script will be destroyed by both sides for their insolence. We just saw a perfect example of that. 

Our current Representative, Peter Meijer, dared to vote his conscience on the question of presidential impeachment. He was vilified by his own party for not being a team player and targeted for defeat. What did the other party do? Did they say “there is someone on the other side we can work with”? “Someone with whom we can seek common ground”? No. They saw him as vulnerable and an easy pick up for their own side, spending money to support his opponent. The position of the parties is not to try to work together and compromise to find common ground that may be acceptable to the people.  It is all about numerical superiority and ramming through your own plans. Like an eternal battle out of Norse mythology where no combatants remember what they are even fighting for. It is no longer about the people or the good of the country, they only care about winning.

You don’t have to perpetuate this system. Quit the Game. Vote Libertarian. Whereas Democrats and Republicans continually divide America into groups, demonizing one of the groups and promising to protect the other,if only you vote for them, Libertarians are not playing those games. We only seek to fulfill the promise of this country. What the Democrats and Republicans lost sight of long ago. 

The founders did not create this government to split the people and have half dictate to the other how they can live their life. Not to bury the citizens in 10,000 regulations. The purpose of why this federal system was created was simple and was spelled out right at the beginning of the constitution. This system was ordained and established to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Every law passed, every executive order issued and every court decision needs to face the critical question, will this secure the liberty of the people, or restrain it? This was the promise made by our government and my only goal in seeking office. The democrats and republicans have no interest in securing your rights. You make better pawns when they don’t. Every action I take will be to secure and enhance your rights. All the incentives for my opponents are to join the game, it would be political sucide for them not to. I have no reason to play. They have nothing over me. I am the only candidate free to serve only you and protect your rights.

Quit the game the Democrats and Republicans insist we play with them. Join me in building a better country by fulfilling the original dream.

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